Personal Data
Japanese ジェシカ
Gender Female
Race Human
Birthplace Neo Gloria
Position Avatar of Lushiris, Court Magician of Baldea1
Starting Class Warlock
Voice Actor Ai Satō (III),2 Aya Hisakawa (I), Keiko Han (II), Ai Maeda (IV&V), Aoi Yuuki (Re), Ao Takahashi (Mobile), Eri Kitamura (I&II)
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The great sorceress Jessica, evermore surrounded by a veil of mystery. As the Avatar of Lushiris on earth, it was her task to guide the human to the path of light.

Jessica is one of the few characters to appear in every mainline game.

"Never trifle with a sorceress!" - Jessica, Scenario 8, Langrisser I



  • Japanese: ジェシカ
  • English: Jessica3
  • Chinese: 杰西卡
  • Korean: 제시카
  • Warsong: Calais

Name Etymology
Jescha or Iscah is from the Hebrew name יִסְכָּה (Yiskah) which means "to behold".


Seen in Langrisser III-V4

  • Japanese: 大魔術師
  • English: High Sorceress5
  • Also seen as: Grand Magician6


Jessica's full past is not revealed in the games and her origins are somewhat murky. When Diehärte and the Elthlead forces leave the heavenly realm after forging Langrisser. The Goddess, Lushiris, calls Jessica "my daughter."

When Luna is a surprised by this, Jessica, notes that she is not Lushiris' daughter as it seems.

Lushiris then says,

"Jessica serves as my avatar, watching and warding the human world in my stead, since I cannot directly act there.
However, she really is human, no different from the rest of humanity.
She uses her own judgment to supporting the human worldview and decide what is best to do at any given time." The Goddess Lushiris, After Battle, Scenario 25, Langrisser III7

What the series makes clear then, is that Lady Jessica, while human, is Lushiris' Avatar and serves the people of Gaia against the forces of Chaos, because the gods are not supposed to directly act in the affairs of the world.

How she first became the Avatar is not stated. Nothing on if her birth was somehow special or not; nor if she somehow earned the right. These questions have yet to be answered.

Langrisser III

By the events of Langrisser III, Jessica was known as a great sorceress who lived deep in the forest of Baldea, near the Central Lushiris Gate.

Viscount Raymond comes to the gate to seek her help in restoring the kingdom of Larcuss. She warns him, however, that the Rigüler Empire and Barral Kingdom were not his only foes, but that Velzeria is the biggest threat.

Because of the war, however, one of the four gates had been compromised and the Lushiris Gate has ceased to function and this would allow Velzeria to invade. Raymond makes plans to restore fallen gate.

After the restoration of the gate, Jessica notes that the light it provides can only weaken lesser demons and that it would be better to obtain the Haja no Ken, this task is entrusted to Diehärte and company.

Langrisser I

Appearance in I&II
In this rebirth, Jesscia continued to serve the descendants of Elthlead. As the court magician of Baldea she gave counsel to King Isaac. By this time, few knew the secrets of Langrisser outside of the king and Lady Jessica.

Sometime prior to the invasion of Baldea, Jessica had noticed an increased in monsters and the Red Moon in the direction of Yeless and went on a journey to investigate it. She returned having discovered very little a few weeks before the Dalsis invasion.8

When Dalsis invaded Baldea, Jessica is one of the first commanders to help in the initial defense. Despite her efforts, however, Baldea falls and she is imprisoned. It is not until Ledin liberates the castle that Jessica is freed.

Once freed, Jessica tells Ledin that [| Digos] invasion was worse than most realized, for the Kaiser's true goal was taking Langrisser, which held great power for those who knew its secrets. Moreover, it would allow a great evil to revive it wasn't located in time.

Jessica then joined the main Baldean army as they strove to restore Baldea and retrieve Langrisser form the Dalsis Empire.

When the Baldean reaches the Warl Rapids and are attacked by monsters, Narm asks if "Could it be that the powers of darkness have already awakened?!"

Jessica responds "Perhaps… I fear that may be."

As the Baldean forces, siege the Twin Castle, Jessica continues to assist. When Sir Galius mocks Ledin for his escape in the initial invasion of Baldea, Jessia is quick to tell the Prince "Prince, don't listen to that man. He needs to learn some manners." After breaching the inner castle, Jessica, notes that they need to find the emperor's inner room, for his "wicked hear will bring about the revival of evil!"

After the fall of Dalsis as the Baldean army returned to Baldea, they happened upon a city of stone, it is Jessica who surmises that Basilisks are the reason behind this village's destruction.

As the monsters increase, the Baldean Forces face a giant dragon after the help of Efreet who calls Ledin a descent of Elthlead, the prince asks Jessica what Elthlead is. Showing her wisdom, she makes it clear that was the ancient name of Baldea. She is again able to show wisdom as they chase the dragon into cave and there find a set of ancient records speaking of the wars between Elthlead and Velzeria, making it clear that Langrisser must be used to stop the forces of Darkness

As they fight in Velzeria, Jessica continues to give advice, noting that Nagya is using golems when they face him and standing against Nicolis. Eventually she witnesses the revival of Chaos, but also his defeat.

Langrisser I endings

She remained in the Empire of Baldea as the Court Mage and worked to decipher the Scrolls of the Magic Knight.

Langrisser II

Jessica stayed with Prince Ledin following the conflicts with Dalsis and Velzeria, remaining as a magical instructor to the Baldean people and a senior adviser to King Ledin, she helped Baldea to set an example of good laws. Even after Ledin's death, Jessica remained in contact with the Baldean Empire and continued to teach pupils, such as Egbert However, in its final years, Jessica assisted the final king in sinking Baldea castle and thus protecting Langrisser from falling into the wrong hands.

From there she travels north to the Rall River and began to reside there in seclusion.

Langrisser IV

Jessica traveled to the continent of Yelees at some point following the events of Langrisser II. Eventually, she comes to assist the Federation as she secretly looks for the Sage Crystal.

Jessica is first seen during the events of Langrisser IV when she comes with Gizlof to arrest the Federation's chancellor and his son Russel on the charges of treason. Jessica intervenes and suggests to Gizlof that because of his rapid promotions, that it would be best to show mercy, to which Gizlof agrees. Instead of execution, he banishes the Prime Minister.

Later after the death of King Cleoness, Frederick when investigating his father's will is able to locate the Chancellor. There, the chancellor warns Frederick and Ranford of the mysterious woman, Jessica, who was assistaning the Admiral.

Jessica will tell Landius to try and use Langrisser even though is not a descendant of the light, for the sword is no mere blade.

Langrisser IV endings

Langrisser V

After Boser and Gizlof's defeat, Landius gives her both Langrisser and Alhazard. Jessica knows she must return to the celestial realm with the swords.

Even as McClaine asks if she really has to go, to which, Jessica replies hesitantly she must do her duty and with that teleports away.

Later, at the port city of Fjitt, Princess Clarett meets up with Jessica, but before they can talk, Geier shows up and demands Alhazard or the death of all the civilians.

Jessica does so reluctantly, giving the Velzerian both of the legendary swords. Geier however, reneges on his word and leaves the monsters as he departs.

After the battle, Jessica helps prove that Clarett wouldn't poison anyone, and then teleports with the princess on the ship which as departed, to avoid having to wait another two months to reach El Sallia.

Shortly after, McClaine shows up trying to get into contact with her, only to just miss her.

Once back to El Sallia, Jessica is surprised by how much Kalaxth has changed.

Langrisser Mobile

Jessica returns in the events surrounding Langrisser Mobile. At this point she helps in establishing the free city of Tisero.

Alternative Timelines

Appearance in Schwarz

Jessica reappears in the following games, but these games appear to be a separate version of her or a different timeline


As an avatar of the Goddess of Light, she led the Knights of the Light into battle against dark forces throughout the world.

When the dark forces first came to power, Jessica exerted all her powers to protect the descendants of the light, and attempted to retrieve holy sword Langrisser following Böser's revival, but was badly wounded in battle.9





Former Pupils

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Langrisser Mobile's Hero's Legacy

Langrisser III Class Change Chart

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Secret
First Cleric Priest High Priest Agent10
Level 10 Sorcerer Mage Archmage Hermit11
Level 30 Bishop Paladin Saint
Level 50 Fighter Gladiator Swordsman

Langrisser I Class Change Charts

Genesis/Mega Drive

Arch Mage
Wizard Magic Knight Ranger


Arch Mage
Wizard Magic Knight
Bishop High Priest Sage

Playstation/Saturn/Windows 98

Arch Mage
Sorcerer Grand Knight
Paladin High Priest Agent

Langrisser II Class Change Chart


Suggested Route Highlighted

High Priest
Priest Saint
Healer Bishop Wizard
Warlock Sorcerer Mage Archmage Zarvera
Lord Magic Knight Sage Summoner
High Lord Paladin
Sword Master

Langrisser IV Class Change Chart

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