Personal Data
Japanese イメルダ
Gender Female
Race Human
Birthplace Rayguard1
Position Water Dragon Navy Commander
Starting Class Warlock
Voice Actor Hiromi Tsuru


The cold, narcissistic lady commander of the Water Dragon Navy. She was feared on the Sea and land alike.


  • Japanese: イメルダ
  • English: Imelda


Imelda does not give a good first, second or maybe even a third impression. She is a cold commanding officer who will dishes out harsh commands and even harsher punishment. The Water Dragon Navy troops, however, are very loyal to her. She is very skilled at military tactics, making her valuable to the Empire. Imelda's birthland was one of the last countries annexed by Rayguard Empire and was done so with much bloodsheld, it is this event that made Imelda into cold commander of Rayguard's Navy.

When Erwin and the Army of Light first met her she had just finished killing her subordinate, Krämer for failing his task. As Army of Light come upon her she assaulting a fort being protected by Aaron. She would be defeated here but it would not be the last the Army of Light would see her.

After Bernhardt is defeated during the Rayguard Assault the Army of Light encounters Imelda after they arrange transport to Velzeria. They encounter her on the high seas, and a battle ensues. When asked why she sided with Böser she tells them that it was the Kaiser's last request to revive Alhazard even if that meant to serve Böser to do so. Unable to stop the Army of Light, she dies on the sea, wishing it had been somewhere more beautiful.

Alternative Paths:

When the Army of Light has to arrange transport to Velzeria they encounter Imelda again at the port. As she is getting a ship ready herself. Lester suggests they take her ship and a battle ensues. Imelda loses her life in this battle and to add further dishonor to her death, Erwin and the Army of Light set sail on her ship.

Additonal Notes

It in the True Light Path of the Dramatic Edition of Langrisser II where it is revealed that Imelda's country of birth was one of the many countries annexed by the Rayguard Empire. It was among the last countries to stop resisting the Empire but did finally fall to his blade. Her birthplace sought peace and not war, and tried to negotiate with the Rayguard Empire. In the end, its people were killed, including defenseless civilizations and it was forced to yield.

This is why Imelda believes that might will always win, it may also explain her cold personality and the strict discipline she enforces.


Imelda, general of the Empire's Water Dragon Navy, had feigned having a personality that was the exact opposite of Vargas.

Her cool-headed and cruel disposition, which did not match her gorgeous appearance, greatly magnified the fear of her within the Imperial armies.

However, while setting sail to return to Kaiser Bernhardt's castle, she was attacked by Erwin and the others.

As the fighting had begun much earlier than she anticipated, her reinforcements did not make it in time, and her life came to an end by Aaron's blow.

With her death, the morale of the surviving members of the Water Dragon Navy vanished, and the unit collapsed.2

Only available in the Imperial path.

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