Heinrich Kleist IV
Heinrich Kleist IV
Personal Data
Japanese へインリッヒ・クライスト四世
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Rigüler
Position Kaiser of Rigüler
Starting Class N/A
Voice Actor Minoru Inaba


The Ailing emperor of the Rigüler empire who despite his illness wishes to expand the borders of his country with the help of Altemüller


  • Japanese: クライスト四世
  • English: Kleist IV
  • Chinese:
  • Korean: 크라이스트 4세
  • Also seen as: Christ IV1

Name Etymology

The Kleist family was a prominent Pomeranian Prussian noble family among prominent member's names include Heinrich and Paul.

German: probably a habitational name of Slavic origin, from a place near Köslin in Pomerania.


The Kaiser of the Rigüler Imperial Army.

The uncle of Altemüller, the son of the previous emperor and Heinrich's older brother. At the death of his brother under mysterious circumstances, Heinrich became the next ruler of Rigüler. It is clear that he trusts his nephew far more than his biological son Paul.

As the invasion of Larcuss begins, Kleist is pleased with Altemüller's success, but is unable to fully enjoy as his illness suddenly acts up. Still, the Kaiser continues to rule to the best of his ability, taking audiences with Altemüller concerning the campaign.

However, his long illness will at last claim his life. Heinrich dies about a year after Viscount Raymond's is able to liberate the royal capital of Larcuss. After this, his son, Paul takes the royal crown. It noted especially at his death that it quite similar to the death of older brother. His face having turned purple and his skin yellow. Moreover, his son does not show remorse at his funeral, instead he appears quite satisfied.




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