Personal Data
Japanese ホーキング
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Salrath
Position Duke of Salrath
Starting Class Fighter
Voice Actor Aruno Tahara


Hawking is the lord of Salrath and an old friend of King Isaac. He aids Ledin with troops and later joins the fight himself.

"I won't let you do as you please with our world!" - Hawking, Scenario 18


  • Japanese: ホーキング
  • English: Hawking1
  • Chinese: 霍金
  • Korean: 호킹
  • Also seen as: Horkin2
  • Warsong: Carleon

Name Etymology

The English language surname Hawkins originated in the 11th century in Kent, England. Its meaning comes from the word "hawking", meaning "falconry"


Hawking is the lord of Salrath, one of few regions which had escaped the conquest of Dalsis. He is an old friend of King Isaac and a close ally of the Baldea kingdom. Isaac sends his only child to seek the help of Hawking when Baldea lays siege to the capital.

He is first seen when it is reported that a group of pilgrims had been attacked by the Shika Tribe outside of his village. Without hesitation, Hawking gathers his men and goes to defend the pilgrims. Crying out "Vermin! Leave my land at once! I must protect our town to keep the peace!"

With his guard captain, Thorn, Hawking battles the Shika and help the traveling pilgrims.

He is surprised to find that with the pilgrims was Prince Ledin whom he has not seen for some time and asks the prince what brings him to Salrath. Ledin tells him the news of Dalsis' attack on Baldea. Hawking offers his help right away, but tells the prince, that it would be best to rest in Salarth for the night.

In the middle of the night, Salarth is again attacked by the Shika Tribe and Hawking again rallies his men. Hawking defends the western side of town while, Ledin, Volkoff, and Thorn defend the eastern side. After a tense battle they are able to drive out the Shika.

It's at this time that Narm shows up and gives the grave report that Baldea has fallen. Ledin is quick to leave, but before he leaves, Hawking presses that Ledin at least take some of his men with him. Ledin leaves, still underprepared and Hawking will send Thorn with more men to help Ledin who had entered Riggs Forest.

Eventually, Hawking gathers more forces and joins Ledin before he reaches the Twin Castle. He also offers Ledin a magical wand that he came across, which the prince gratefully accepts.

Hawking thus joins the main Baldean forces and is key commander in taking down Kaiser Digos. Afterwards, he continues to assist Baldea as they fight against the forces of evil unleashed by Langrisser's broken seal.


After the war's end, he returned to Salrath where his family was waiting.

He devoted himself night and day to seeing Salrath prosper.

Thanks to his efforts, Salrath prospered as much as the capitol of the kingdom. To this day he is remembered in Salarth.

He returned to Salrath and is now living with his family peacefully.



  • Unnamed Wife


  • Unnamed Daughter


Class Change Charts

Genesis/Mega Drive

Knight Knight Master
Lord Magic Knight


Knight Knight Master
Lord High Lord

Playstation/Saturn/Windows 98

Silver Knight Knight Master
Lord General
Langrisser I
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