Personal Data
Japanese グロブ
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Race Monster
Birthplace Velzeria
Position Necromancer
Starting Class Necromancer
Voice Actor Minoru Inaba,1 Kazuya Nakai2


A necromancer from Velzeria who is among the three demon generals of Velzeria. He faces off against the army of light more than once.


  • Japanese: グロブ
  • English: Grove3
  • Also Romanized as Grobe,4 Globe5

A Biography

At some unknown time, Grove came to be in the services of Böser and rose to be among his highest ranks.

Langrisser III

Grove is first encountered by Diehärte and his entourage when they seek the help of the swordsmaster Gilbert. The Necromancer has come to the village because the ley lines allow for better corpses and thus more powerful servants. Among the dead whom he resurrected was Gilbert's daughter Coty. Her spirit had a strong enough resolve to resist him and so he forced to do away with her. However, this causes Gilbert to join Diehärte and attack the Necromancer.

Grove's attack is the first indication to Diehärte that another army was at play during the war that had plunged the continent into chaos.

Later Grove is seen discussing the Velzerian's plans on taking over El Sallia. The necromancer suggests to Böser that if they were to assassinate Altemüller it would further weaken the main powers in El Sallia. Böser feels this is necessary given that there plans to summon stronger demons were foiled when the Lushiris Gate was revived. He, therefore, gives the go-ahead to Grove, hoping that with bringing the young prince, Paul to the throne would throw the Rigüler empire into further chaos.

To accomplish the death of Altemüller, Grove then kidnaps Anna, the younger sister of Varna. He threatens to kill Anna unless Varna poisons Altemüller.

The Larcuss Kingdom is in time able to reform into the country of Elthlead and about a year after its formation, Velzeria assuming it to be weakened, attacks. Heading up the initial assault is Grove who attacks an Elthlead-Velzerian border village. Once more he is stopped when Diehärte and his army appear. In the battle, he faces off against Gilbert who continues to his dislike for the necromancer's abilities.

Before his defeat, Grove takes note of the Haja no ken.

Shortly after these events, the countries of Elthlead and Rigüler are able to establish a temporary ceasefire. This is a problem for Velzeria which hopes the other countries would exhaust themselves in war.

Böser commands Grove to hurry up with his assassination plans and Grove agrees and presumes he is able to force Varna to poison Altemüller. However, in discussing what to do with Anna they decide to keep her as a hostage to continue to use Varna.

The final time that Grove is seen during the events of Langrisser III is when Elthlead invades Velzeria. Upon reaching the castle, they find the Necromancer defending its gate.
Although he is impressed that they defeated Feraquea, the necromancer is certain that he'll stop them now.

After a harsh battle, his supply of corpses are finally exhausted and Grove is defeated. The necromancer is convinced the power to defeat him comes from Langrisser.

Grove is not seen again until the events of Langrisser V, although Rag does make it clear that he is immortal.

Langrisser V


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