Great Dragon
Great Dragon
Personal Data
Japanese グレート ドラゴン
Gender Male
Race Monster
Birthplace Velzeria
Position Dark Dragon
Starting Class Great Dragon
Voice Actor None


An evil dragon, one of the strongest of all demons, which appeared before Ledin seeking to take Langrisser.


An enormous dragon that is summoned by Nagya to destroy the small village, where Kossel guides. Its ultimate goal is to steal the Langrisser from the Baldean forces.

The village's defensives can do little damage against this terrible beast and it is easily able to reach the shoreline.

Even when the Baldea army leading the defense, they are unable to stop the beast's rampage. It isn't until Efreet is summoned to battle the damage that the dragon is forced to flee.

The dragon then flees to cave in the valley of Allenst, but the Baldean army follows it and with the Dragon Slayer they are finally able to defeat the wicked dragon.

Character Background.

It seems likely that the Great Dragon, or Dark Dragon was inspired by the Elthlead games and the final battle, which takes place between the dragons summoned between each army. A Light dragon and a Dark Dragon, both of which are enormous and able to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

If this is the case, it may have originally been the intention of Langrisser I for players familiar with the series to assume the dragons of both games were the same.

Names and Etymologies
Language Name Notes
English Great Dragon -
Japanese グレート ドラゴン -
Chinese - -
Korean - -
Warsong Great Dragon -
Other -

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