Personal Data
Japanese ギルバート
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Larcuss
Position Blademaster of Larcuss
Starting Class Knight
Voice Actor Yasunori Matsumoto


A former sword master who retired after the death of his daughter, Coty.

"My path lies clearly before me. For the sake of the people of Larcuss, I will take up a sword once more. If I may, I will follow your lead from here on out." - Gilbert, Scenario 3.


  • Japanese: ギルバート
  • English: Gilbert1
  • Chinese:
  • Korean: 길버트

Name Etymology

Gilbert means "bright pledge", derived from the Germanic elements gisil "pledge, hostage" and beraht "bright". The Normans introduced this name to England, where it was common during the Middle Ages.


When Diehärte and the mobile division were on their way to meet with Baron Torrand, Lewin suggests that they make a quick stop at Ransh Village. He had heard from his father that once famous blademaster named Gilbert lived there.

Upon reaching his house, Diehärte requests that Gilbert joins their cause, but he responses, that "I know nothing of a… Blademaster" and that he "vowed to never wield a blade again." Diehärte understands quickly that he will not get the blademasters help and so departs.

After Diehärte's departure, Gilbert goes to the grave of his daughter and reflects mournfully on her death.

Later the Velzerian Evil, Grove appears and seeing powerful ley lines resurrects the dead villagers. In the ensuing battle against zombies, Grove even resurrects Coty. While at first she attacks her father, he is able to break through the Grove's command, which results in the Necromancer hurling a fireball at her. She pleads for her father to help the people and so he does, joining forces with Diehärte.


  • Daughter: Coty (Deceased)
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