Personal Data
Japanese ゲンドラシル
Gender Male
Race Devil God
Birthplace Unknown
Position Lesser Devil God
Starting Class Devil God
Voice Actor Tetsu Inada


A wicked demon who feasts on the souls of those who died in battle. He desires to raise to the highest rank of demons.


Gendrasil is a demon who feasts on the souls of dead warriors. Unlike Chaos, he hailed from a different demonic plane. However, he is still known by demons outside of his area of influence (as noted by Listell).

Listell's knowledge may stem from the fact that Gendrasil had managed to attain divinity and thus become a Devil God. As Chaos explains in Langrisser IV all Devil Gods are merely demons who have earned godhood.

Despite being a devil-god, Gendrasil was still a lower ranking devil than Chaos, but he desired to increase his standing in the underworld by killing Chaos and taking his position.

At some undetermined time in the past, Gendrasil tried to act on this desire, but was easily dispatched by the Lord of Chaos.

In another attempt, Gendrasil stole the Sage's Crystal from the heavens, hoping to use Alhazard's power to gain an upperhand against Chaos.

Gendrasil is pursued by Lushiris and in the ensuing battle, he is severely injured and upon exiting Neo-Gloria he crashes into Regenburg, losing the Sage's Crystal and himself being turned into crystal.

The resulting crater and the demonic crystal are soon discovered by a twenty-something soldier, Gizlof. Gendrasil introduces himself to the young Gizlof and offers him the power to change his misfortunes, Gizlof readily agrees.

This power, helped Gizlof to climb the ranks of the Regenburg Federation. One of the things the demon teaches Gizlof is the power of cloning, with which he intents to harness a powerful magical body to enter the mortal plane.

He also helped Gizlof to understand the technology the ancients, resulting in Gizlof's rebuilding the Magitech Colossus.

Langrisser IV

Gendrasil is first seen in the events of Langrisser IV after Ranford's encounter with Caconsis.

While Gizlof is planning his next steps the demon suddenly talks to the admiral. It is implied that he has helped Gizlof in the past and promises continual assistance as long as admiral's goals remain the same as his.

Gizlof asserts that he appreciates the help… but could have accomplished his desires alone and says that if Gendrasil has no purpose to go.

Gendrasil notes as he leaves that humans are curious creatures who have so many dreams… but such short lives.

Gendrasil appears once more after Bruno's treachery is revealed and he escapes Caconsis and returns back to Gizlof. After the admiral orders Kreuger and Bruno to go to Fort Hoffen and the two leave, Gendrasil reappears.

He mocks Gizlof and asks what the admiral is so worried about, taunting him about the loss of the Sage Crystal.

After the battle of Fort Hoffen, Listell tells Landius more about the demons Gendrasil and Glaaz.

Shortly after these events, Kreuger discovers he is nothing but a clone, created for Gizlof's purposes. Which describes as "an affront to the gods."

Gendrasil appears before him at this point and finds it amusing the he would be disgusted by Gizlof as if they were two different people. Gendrasil then reveals who Kreuger really is.

Gendrasil moreover promises Kreuger his help, after all if he is the same as Gizlof than they share the same ambition, an ambition which the demon says he can help fulfill, if they join together. Kreuger desiring revenge agrees.

After Chaos' defeat and Böser's attempt to hide Alhazard, Gendrasil led Kreuger to a an empty field to find it. The demon was able to find it because, as a demon, he was able to sense the sword's demonic energy.

"However, with my mastery over demonic energies, I am able to sense it through subtle differences in its dark resonance." Gendrasil, After Scenario 25c

Kreuger upon drawing the sword is instructed by Gendrasil to draw upon Alhazard's power. it is a trap, however, for Gendrasil to use Kreuger's mortal body to enter the physical plane.

With Chaos defeated and Alhazard in hand, Gendrasil is certain his rebirth will be unhindered, but first he wishes to rid himself of Gizlof.

After Landius storms Gizlof's empty castle, we find Gizlof in his laboratory. Gendrasil appears to Gizlof, ready to destroy him.

However, Gizlof makes use of his Magitech Colossus, the Guyframe and easily dispatches the demon god. When Gendrasil is defeated, Gizlof absorbs the demons remain power and Gendrail is defeated.

Path A

Gendrasil appears again in Path A after Lady Jessica, updates Gizlof on the creation of the magitech colossus. After Jessica leaves, Gendrasil leaves and asks Gizlof who she was. Gizlof is quite impressed with Jessica's skill for one so young, to which Gendrasil says she is not as young as she appears.

Then Gendrasil notes that not only must peace be shattered, but Gizlof needs more power, which he response is part of why he will use the Sage's Crystal. Jessica overhears all of this.

Shortly after this, Gendrasil interrupt the revived Chaos and Boser as they discuss their plans. Chaos, sensing his presence.

Gendrasil appears with arch demons, seeking out Alhazard. Chaos mocks him, noting that he had defeated him so long ago. Surprised to see that Chaos has been revived, Gendrasil is still determined to defeat Chaos, certain if he can just take Alhazard he will win.

Boser knows if the sword is taken, Chaos will indeed be defeated, but Chaos, knowing that Gendrasil is stronger than his Dark Prince tells him to stand back for he shall face Gendrasil himself.

Gendrasil seems unconcerned and notes that it was he who freed Alhazard from the heavens, not Chaos who slumbered. He then fires upon the dark god, who is unaffected. Chaos then mocks that the Descendants of Light are stronger before he attacks Gendrasil and ultimately defeats him.

"Powerful you may be, but you are merely a devil. You are no match for the embodiment of chaos itself." - Chaos, Scenario 22a

Sensing his defeat, Gendrasil teleports away, but not before claiming that one day he'll hold the demonic throne. After he is gone, Chaos notes that Gendrasil has grown more powerful than expected.

Gendrasil tried to escape toward Gizlof, but upon reaching the Admiral he has once again been changed into a crystal. It is revealed that despite the demon thinking he used him, that Gizlof was in truth pulling the strings all along. Trapped, Gizlof makes it clear that Gendrasil will power the Magitech Colossus.

Path B

After the Sage's Crystal is taken by Boser, Gendrasil mocks Gizlof, who seems unconcerned as he has other plans and Gendrasil notes he can't wait to see what they are.

Later in the final battle, Gendrasil and Kreuger appeared, the two having fused. Seeing that Chaos has yet to revive, Gendrasil feels they have arrived in time.

"I am both Kreuger and the devil Gendrasil. Or perhaps it would be correct to say I have finally achieved the form of a god."

Gendrasil fused with Kreuger so that he would be able to materialized in this world and get rid of Chaos' lackeys.

Gendrasil and Kreuger fuse to try and defeat the forces of Chaos, but will ultimately lose with the rest. Still even with this power… Gendrasil is defeated by Landius.

Names and Etymologies
Language Name Notes
English Gendrasil -
Japanese ゲンドラシル Gendorashiru
Chinese - -
Korean 겐드라실 Gendeurasil
Other -
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