Sir Garius
Sir Garius
Personal Data
Japanese サー・ガリウス
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Dalsis
Position Court Mage of Dalsis
Starting Class Sage
Voice Actor Yasuhiko Kawazu1


Sir Garius is the wizard used by Kaiser Digos to break the defenses of Baldea castle. He fights Ledin twice more before succumbing to his death.

"Come at me as you please, you’ll never defeat me!" - Sir Garius, Scenario 10


  • Japanese: サー・ガリウス
  • English: Sir Garius2
  • Also Romanized as: Sir Galius3


Sir Galius was the Court Mage of the Dalsis Empire during the reign of Kaiser Digos. At Digos' command, Galius uses his powerful magic to break the defenses of Baldea castle allowing the Dalsis Army to invade Baldea.

Along with General Zeld, Sir Garius led the initial invasion.

Sir Garius is met once more when the Baldean forces laid siege to the Twin Castle. Garius leads the initial defense. Upon seeing Ledin is quick to mock the prince for having escaped when Baldea was stormed. He is eventually forced to retreat here into the inner castle.

The next time that he is met is as Ledin engaged Kaiser Digos in his throne room. Sir Garius sought to aid his lord. It is at this time that he meets his end as he is mortally wounded. Garius laments as he dies "I should have killed you when you were chasing us…Kaiser Digos, please kill him for me…"

Names and Etymologies
Language Name Notes
English Garius Germanic name element
Japanese サー・ガリウス Sa・Gariusu
Chinese 伽利乌斯 Galius4
Korean 가리우스 경 Sir Gariuseu
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