Personal Data
Japanese フェラキア
Gender Female
Race Demon
Birthplace Velzeria
Position Master of Changes
Starting Class Dark Saint
Voice Actor Yōko Ogai
Camp Icon_Group_Dark.pngIcon_Group_Meteor.png


One of the three Demon Generals of Velzeria who fights several of the Descendants of the Light. She is seen as a senior adviser to First Böser.

"Did you enjoy the little show that I, Feraquea the Shapeshiftress has put up for you? Well then my darlings, come out wherever you are" Feraquea, Scenario 11 Langrisser III


  • Japanese: フェラキア
  • English: Feraquea1
  • Chinese: 弗拉基亚
  • Korean: 페라키아
  • Also seen as: Ferakia,2 Flakia,3 Feraqvea4


Fifteen years prior to the events of Langrisser III Feraquea traveled to the distant lands of Yamato and there disposed of the royal family at Fort Hakusan. The Liegelord was the master of Kirikaze, the samurai is able to wound her, but little else.

Langrisser III

Feraquea is first encounter during the events of Langrisser III when she leads an army of Velzerians against the Central Gate of Lushiris and Lady Jessica. Like many of Velzeria she wishes to fulfill her master Böser's dream of a world ruled by monsters.

While she is attacking this gate, Diehärte and his entourage also reach the gate. Feraquea, to get the drop on Diehärte, shapeshifts into an innocent girl leading them into a trap. Despite the trap, Diehärte and his army are able to route her.

When Feraquea returns to Böser, he mentions that Lushiris despite the lack of functionality is still able to influence events, moreover that he did not grant Feraquea all of her powers, and finally that surely the force she encountered was powerful indeed.

The next time that Feraquea is seen is when Böser and her discuss the defeat of Barral near Fort Rogier. They discuss what other countries and armies might pose a threat for the Velzerian ambition and decide that the best course is to let Diehärte and the Rigüler empire continue to fight.

After the formation of Ethlead, Feraquea gives the report to Böser who decides that it is the perfect time to use Alhazard and attack. Feraquea is shortly thereafter tasked with dealing with Ethlead while Grove is tasked with assassinating Altemüller.

Feraquea at this point begins to impersonate the imperial prince Richard and it isn't until Langrisser reveals that it is really Feraquea. Her trap is already set and the army of Ethlead is surrounded. Kirikaze realizes at once that she was the one who had killed his master and allowed his country to fall into ruin. He flies in anger against Feraquea vowing to kill her with his own sword, but Diehärte is able to calm him down.

At the end of the battle, Feraquea retreats, and realizing the power of Langrisser goes to report to her master of its power. Despite her failure, Böser mentions that it is all right, but that because of Rag's death, she'll need to work harder than before.

When the Elthlead army moved to attack Velzeria, Feraquea takes a defensive position on the plains of Luon otherwise known as the Marshlands. Feraquea chose this particular spot because of a crystal which lay her that is able to enhance her magic tenfold. Sometime into the battle, Feraquea transforms into a powerful dragon declaring that the forces of Ethlead will surely fall at this point.

Despite this powerful form, she is nevertheless defeated with Kirikaze landing the finishing blow and she is seemingly killed.

Langrisser V

Years after her seeming death, Feraquea is revealed to have survived. As in the events of Langrisser III, she pretends to a be Russel, Prime Minister of Regenburg, but as before the Light of Langrisser breaks her spell.

She attempts to stop Sigma and his friends from retrieving the crystal found by Ranford, but is defeated and escapes before Sigma can land a killing blow. When she returns to the Demon Tribe's hideout she vents to Geier resulting in the two arguing and Feraquea expressing that Geier gets full of himself when Böser isn't around.

The Velzerians and the Crimzo fights, with Feraquea and Geier vying for control. Eventually, Feraquea in an attack on Caconsis comes against Landius who manage to kill her. Grove eventually reanimates her as a zombie, but she is once more defeated, this time by Sigma and his entourage.

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