For the novelization version, see Faias (Novel version).

Personal Data
Japanese ファイアス
Gender Male
Race Demon
Birthplace Velzeria
Position Lord of Night
Starting Class Vampire Lord
Voice Actor


A member of the Demon Tribe, Faias is a Vampire Lord who tried to wipe out the Baldean Family and who continues seeks to kill Erwin.

"Ha ha ha! You … really don't remember me? I had hoped my face would haunt your nightmares for all eternity." - Faias, Scenario 15, Light Path


  • Japanese: ファイアス
  • English: Faias
  • Also romanized as Fayas1

Name Etymology

Plural form of faia, a Galician word for the common beech.


Faias was a servant of Böser who was sent out to rid El Sallia of its Descendants of the Light. He was only able to accomplish a part of his mission, succeeding n killing the descendants of the Baldea kingdom, Erwin's parents. Erwin was spared because of the swordsman Doren who escaped with the infant Erwin.

Later, Faias was once again able to track down Erwin, but Doren once more got in the way. After a desperate battle, the demon was able to kill Doren, but received a serious wound in the process, forcing him to retreat, while Erwin was once again spared.

This wound caused Faias to recover for some time and it isn't until the later events of Langrisser II that he is able to once again go into battle.

When Erwin and the Army of Light step foot onto the shores of Velzeria, the Demon Tribe engaged them almost immediately. Initial the demon generals, Esto, Osto, and the Dark Princess Lána led the charge. They had hoped to stall Erwin to allow Böser a chance to awaken Alhazard.

As the battle continued, Faias appeared to let Lána know that the ceremony was ready and it was time for her to retreat. Faias remains to continue to stall the Army of Light and allow Alhazard's revival.

Faias recognizes Erwin right away, with Erwin determined to stop the ceremony, Faias makes it clear that he will stop him and the Descendants of Light. He makes it clear, however, that Erwin is the source of his ire, and is surprised that Erwin does not remember him. Sadden that his face did not haunt Erwin's nightmares, he begins to goad Erwin into fighting recklessly, although Cherie calms the red-hair commander down.

The battle ends with Faias' death, but even as he dies, Faias makes clear that if Alhazard is indeed revived than demons more powerful than him will come. With Faias' death, Erwin is certain now Doren's spirit can rest.

Additional Notes

In the Dramatic Edition of Langrisser II, the True Light Path gives an additional reason for Faias' hatred of the Descendants of Light.

In that version, the demon says, that although the red-headed warrior has forgotten him, he remembers, because his left arm tingles, for it was the arm that Doren cut off, while protecting Erwin long ago, at this Erwin remembers. Faias is ready to rid himself of the Descendants of Light, but Erwin in particular.

As they fight, Faias tells Erwin of his hatred for the descendants of Light. He says while the humans of El Sallia remember Baldea for uniting the continent, the Demon Tribe remember the country for gathering lords together to attack the Demon Tribe, merely because they were not human, ultimately defeating Böser and Chaos and with the demons weakened then cutting down the rest of them. Faias claims to have been one of the few survivors of the bloodied battle.

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