Elvin Lambert
Elvin Lambert
Personal Data
Japanese エルビン・ランバート
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Dearsle Federation
Position Armored Knight Corps Commander


Elvin is the commander of the Dearsle Federation Armored Knight Corps. He is the federation last hope against the forces of Veldarth Federation


  • Japanese: エルビン・ランバート
  • English: Elvin Lambert1

Name Etymology


English: It is a variant of the name Alvin, a name that is ultimate derived from Æðelwine being Old English name where the elements are æðel "noble" and wine "friend".


German: Derived from the Germanic elements landa "land" and beraht "bright".


Elvin Lambert, is the commander of the Armored Knight Corps. Which has become one of the last lines of defense of the Dearsle Federation. When the Veldarth Federation force use their new found power to wipe out mos to the Dearsle Army, Elvin is assigned a special task to find the lost crystals of the Ancient Kingdom of Elthlead.

His journey has him meeting various researcher of the Ancient Kingdom, many of whom tell him of Professor Brown. He receives two of crystals from women who were told to give it to Elvin by the Professor. When he is able to finally find Professor Brown, it is revealed that Elvin is of the line of Sieghart, and that he has to be the one to defeat Sklovavić. He then gives Elvin the last Crystal needed to revive the God Smasher, an ancient Guyframe with the power needed to defeat Sklovavić and the Veldarth Federation. After Elvin defeats the Veldarth Federation peace returns to the world of Gaia.



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