Personal Data
Japanese ディゴス
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Dalsis
Position Kaiser of Dalsis
Starting Class Emperor
Voice Actor Aruno Tahara1Tomohisa Asō2


Digos was the ruler of the Dalsis Empire, in seeking to unify the continent of El Sallia he laid his eyes upon Baldea Castle, told the sacred blade they protected would help him in his goals.

"Feh! What nonsense! POWER is justice! He who has power controls the world!" - Digos Scenario 12


Digos is the Kaiser of the Dalsis Empire. Well respected by his men, Digos' ultimate goal is to unify the continent of El Sallia. He views power as the ultimate characteristic needed to unify the continent and keep the peace.

Directed by Nicolis, Digos is told that to achieve this goal he should retrieve the legendary Langrisser.3

Learning of the secret power of Langrisser, Digos launched an attack upon Baldea. Sir Garius, his court magician, is ordered to blast apart Baldea Castle. The invasion is ultimately successful, Digos installs Zeld as Marshal over the occupied territory and with Langrisser in hand returns to his capital, the Twin Castle.

Eventually, he is confronted by Ledin and the Baldean forces in his throne room. He finds the prince to be naive and claims that power is all that is needed. Even as Lady Jessica warns him of his evil thoughts, Digos is unconcerned.

When Digos is mortally wounded he merely says "It seems I've lost…" He then leaves Ledin with a final thought that power is needed and that the prince and him are not as different as Ledin claims. For even the evil unleashed will need power to stop it.



  • The Kleist Family4


Names and Etymologies
Language Name Notes
English Digos5 -
Japanese ディゴス Digosu
Chinese 迪高斯 Digos6
Korean 디고스 Digoseu
Warsong Pythion An ancient Greek name which ultimately came from the temple of Apollo Pythius
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