Personal Data
Japanese レディン
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Larcuss
Position Knight of Larcuss
Starting Class Various
Voice Actor Akira Kamiya1, Daisuke Hirakawa2
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The main protagonist of Langrisser III, a Knight of Larcuss, who will help to revive his fallen homeland and fight against the evils of Velzeria.


Diehärte Klaus was a squire of Sir William who after six years had finished his training as a knight. Besides Sir William Sir Gerold, a royal knight, also helped in his training. It had long been Diehärte's desire to be a Knight of Larcuss.

The events of Langrisser III begin as Diehärte's knighting ceremony is about to start. After his ceremony, the floating castle holds a banquet in honor of Diehärte's accomplishments… it is in the midst of this party that the Rigüler forces led by Field Marshal Altemüller attacked.

Diehärte and Tiaris are stationed on the western side of the floating fortress while, William and Gerold went to protect the eastern side. In the ensuing battle, Altemüller is able to best both William and Gerold, killing the former and seriously wounding the latter. The Field Marshal then destroyed the crystals which helped Larcussia Castle to float in the air.

Among William's final words are for Diehärte to go to Laffel and seek help among Larcuss' allies in Barral.

Diehärte and the others quickly escape to Laffel, entering its chruch, where they seek the High Priest's help in healing Gerold. Suddenly the city is attacked, Diehärte realizes that they must escape or they'll be captured. Even still, he's uncertain of what to do with Gerold. The royal knight, however, makes it clear that, Diehärte must escape and do so with his Tiaris and Layla.

Once they agree and leave the church, Diehärte and the others are surprised that the forces attacking the city are not imperial, but rather another army, later revealed to the Barral Kingdom. Diehärte and the other with the help of the thief Silver Wolf hold off the Barral forces, to let as many citizens as possible escape. They are shocked to see King Wilder being so brutal. After having saved the citizens, they escape.

Once they had made it safely away from the Barral forces, Diehärte decided that their best course of action is to seek help from his uncle, Viscount Raymond, who held lands removed the mainland, in the Railym Mountains.

Once they reach Raymond's manor, Diehärte is quick to update the lord on what had transpired since the fall of the floating fortress. Raymond decides that must assemble his commanders and plan the next step.

Half a year passes as Raymond plans and prepares an army, it takes longer than hoped and all that remains of Larcuss is Raymond's remote lands and Baron Torrand's lands. Raymond decided to move the bulk of the army against Colcia who had invaded even his lands, but gives Diehärte a mobile division and to check the state of Baron Torrand's lands. To his troop, Raymond assigns Tiaris and his son, Lewin.

Along the way, they stop off at Ransh Village, because Lewin knows of a swordsman there who might help them, named Gilbert. In a battle which follows, Diehärte fights his first Velzerian, Grove and is able to gain Gilbert as an ally.

As they continue on the way to Torrand's lands, Diehärte and his division run into a group of refugees trying to escape the Imperial Army commanded by Geier. They are led by a young knight in training Pierre and the magician apprentice Riffany. After helping to stop the imperial forces, the two ask to join Diehärte's division and he readily agrees.

As they near the baron's land they are greeted by his daughter, Luna.



Love Interest


Names and Etymologies
Language Name Notes
English Diehärte Klaus German, from Die Härte, meaning "hardness"
Japanese ディハルト クラウス
Chinese 迪哈尔特 Dehault3 Dieharte4
Korean 디하르트 크라우스
Other Dyhalto5, Dyhart6
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