Personal Data
Japanese カオス
Gender Male
Race Devil God
Birthplace Unknown
Position God of Darkness
Starting Class God of Chaos1
Voice Actor Shigezō Sasaoka, Takeshi Watabe, Masaharu Satō


The God of Darkness and Chaos. Chaos claims that he is a needed agent of change for the world of Gaia.

"Peace violates the rules of the universe. All who would stand against turmoil and destruction will be eradicated." - Chaos, Der Langrisser, Light Scenario 21


Chaos claims to have been born at the dawn of time and that his role while remain throughout eternity so that Gaia will continue to evolve.

As such, Chaos has been a force behind the many battles between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness.

In the Langrisser Series the two primary battles against Chaos are seen first in Langrisser I when Prince Ledin of Baldea faces in his Velzeria and in Langrisser IV when Landius faces him in Yeless.

Optional paths allow Erwin in Langrisser II and Diehärte in Langrisser III.

During the events of Langrisser III, Chaos is seen when he grabs a hold of Paul's soul in limbo and offers him the chance to become his new avatar after the death of the previous Böser and Altemüller's rejection of the title. Paul accepts and strives to revive Chaos in this world, stealing the love of Diehärte. Diehärte, however, successfully saves his love and prevents Chaos' reappearance.

During the events of Langrisser I Chaos is summoned by Böser at his defeat at the hands of Ledin and the army of Baldea. Ledin then faces off against the ancient demon and with the power of Langrisser is able to thwart the demon, who vows his return.

When the demon is summoned, he claims is it is time to fulfill his mission in the world to bring chaos and change.

Chaos explains that his existence is needed for the world to evolve and become greater. The chaos and conflicts he starts are so Gaia will not stagnate but truly grow.

"Since the beginning, my purpose has been to create chaos and conflict in the world of man. …. To prevent stagnation. Without conflict, without war, without strife, this world can not continue to evolve." Chaos, Langrisser I, scenario 20

However, important laws are, Chaos argues that following them will stall the world and stop all progress.

His defeat and the following explanation of his required existence to the Baldean forces causes to them to ponder if he speaks the truth and the need for chaos. They… however, are determined to bring peace back to El Sallia.

Chaos appears once more in the events of Langrisser IV. After Böser is able to obtain the Sage's Crystal and with it reclaim the dark blade Alhazard he able to revive his dark god.

"He who balances the light with darkness! Oh sovereign of chaos! Bestow upon this world your unholy presence! Usher in the new age of demons"

Upon his return, Chaos is clear that he feels hat eh world has been wanting his "withering embrace," and right away summons a horde of demons to destroy the world.

Having been notified by Listell that Chaos has been revived, Landius and the Caconsis forces decide that they must deal with Böser and race to his fortress to stop the Prince of Darkness and his God before they can do further harm.

This fortress, contains on its lowest floor an altar for resurrecting Chaos. When they reach the deepest depths, Landius is quick to engage Böser, despite Chaos standing close by.

In the ensuing battle, Landius is able retrieve Langrisser, defeat Böser and then he ultimately faces Chaos.

Chaos is unconcerned since no Descendant of Light faces him, instead merely this Landius yet after the hard fought battle, Landius is able due to Langrisser's help, defeat the demonic god.

Chaos is shocked to have been beaten.

"Impossible… this power… is it the sword!? You should not be able to wield the Langrisser…" - Chaos, Langrisser IV Scenario 25c

With his defeat the monsters of Velzeria vanish from Yeless.

Other Paths

In Langrisser III, if Diehärte doesn't save his beloved in time, Böser will sacrifice here and will summon Chaos, forcing the two to battle.

In Langrisser II, Chaos can be fought by Erwin on a number of paths depending on the choices that have been made.

In Langrisser IV depending on the choices that have been made will determine when and if Landius faces Chaos or joins forces with the dark god.

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