Personal Data
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Regenburg
Position Regenburg Chancellor
Starting Class
Voice Actor


The Regenburg Chancellor caught in the feud between Gizlof and Böser.

"Gizlof… He means to let his son reap all the glory!" - the Chancellor, Scenario 10


  • Japanese:
  • English: Chancellor
  • Also Romanized as:


The Chancellor of Regenburg who hoped to have his son marry Rozenciel. In his quest to obtain power, he allies himself with the mysterious Faelart who seeks to get rid of Gizlof. When he hear of an upcoming battle that would lead to Kreuger defeating Caconsis Faelart offers his help. He soon hears from his spy that the battle ended in defeat due to a storm that gave the Caconsis forces what they needed to win. Listell comes to inform him of Kreuger defeat, she grows irritated at the Chancellor lack of respect for her master, after warning him she teleport away leaving the Chancellor to complain about her attitude.

Gizlof soon uncovers the Chancellor's plots and comes to arrest him for leaking state secrets, planing to have him and his son executed for their crimes. Jessica intervenes and suggesting that their deaths would create more enemies for Gizlof, and suggest banishment instead. Gizlof accepts as it would be less hassle for him.

When Ranford and Prince Fredrick allied together to defeat Gizlof they decide to seek out the Chancellor in exile in hopes of using the political influence that he still holds. The Chancellor and his son soon appear before Fredrick, stating that they are indebted to the prince. Fredrick mentions his hope that Russel had married his sister. In the following conversation they talk about how their are greater forces at work here, with the Chancellor mentioning that someone is helping Gizlof, that he has been seen with a powerful sorceress.

After their meeting, the Chancellor and his son confer about how to defeat Gizlof and arrange for Russel to marry the princess. As they are debating on if their military forces will be enough best Gizlof, they are vistied once again by Faelart and his servant Listell. He suggest that Fredrick forces ally themselves with Caconsis. Upon the Chancellor complaint that they would never agree to an alliance Faelart merely states that he will ensure it.

Faelart makes good on word, and the get the alliance approved, however the alliance is short lived, and during the course of the war Glaaz takes over the Chancellor body and assassinates Prince Fredrick. Glaaz leaves his body and takes over Emily body calling in the guards to report what has occurred leaving the Chancellor horrified, as he is dragged away screaming of his innocents. His son seeing what his father had done flees in hope of avoiding the results of his father's actions.

As the Chancellor is walked to his death screaming about being controlled Ranford looks on wondering if he truly killed the Prince. Ranford investigates the prince's body seeing that mortal wound was done by an expert further increasing his suspicion that Chancellor was telling the truth about being controlled. When Landius forcibly extracts Glaaz from Emily body with Langrisser, the truth is revealed. Emily reveals that Glaaz was indeed controlling the Chancellor actions when he killed the prince. With the Chancellor name clear, Ranford see how this was Gizlof doing, with Landius declaring that he must be stopped.

Path A

On path A the Chancellor after obtaining the Sage Crystal, knowing Gizlof interest in the crystal he wonders what he could do with it's power. Dismissing the thought, he goes to makes sure that it is well guarded with Faelart appears surprising the Chancellor as to what he was doing there. Faelart informs him that he is there to take back something that was stolen from him.

Faelart reveals to him that the crystal had been stolen by his ancient foes and hidden in some back water town, and then taken by Gizlof. He further reveals that he sided with the human for the sake of obtaining this crystal. Wondering what the wizard plans for it were, Faelart merely states that humans wouldn't know what to do with it and that it would be best if the chancellor dies. He kills him and the guards.



  • Russel
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