Personal Data
Japanese ボタニクス
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Hyborea
Position General of the Hyborean Knights
Starting Class General
Voice Actor Unknown


The general of the Hyborean Knights, Bodamicus is an honorable man who serves God and country to the best of his abilities.


General Bodamicus is first seen in the events of Langrisser Mobile after, the Archbishop Gambino attacks Dovalu Village in search of a heretical sorceress. After Almeda and the others escape, Gambino orders that the whole village be cleansed to appease the Guardian God's anger.

It is at this point that Bodamicus steps in, arguing that such violence surely cannot be the will of God, especially toward civilians. Gambino accuses him of siding with the heretics, but Bodamicus response if indeed the sorceress is an enemy, he will deal with her.

Bodamicus is next seen on the heels of Matthew and the other as they flee toward the forest of Kalxath. The imperial forces are able to catch up, where the General introduces himself and asks them to surrender. Matthew pleads that they are innocent and Bodamicus says that'll have to let their swords do the talking.

Upon defeating most of his regiment, Bodamicus call for them to stop, in seeing the battle, Bodamicus sees that Matthew fights for justice and tell him to quickly leave, he makes it clear that they cannot return home, but promises on his honor that he will not let Gambino hurt any of the citizens of Dovalu.

Bodamicus is next seen at Hebaille Palace, where he advises King Stein to stay at home, as monster attacks have increased around the border. Gambino says that the various conflicts surrounding the empire demand action before it leads to war. Stein, agrees that talks with the Merchant Union are indeed quite necessary.

Stein, readies to depart toward the Merchant Union, while he charges Bodamicus with figuring out the cause of the reemergence of monsters. Heeding his king's command, Bodamicus departs.

Before he leaves, Gambino approaches and ask Bodamicus if there is any news about the sorceress. Bodamicus suspects that the archbishop is hiding something, but Gambino chides him and says that he should have no concern with the business of the church. However, the general cannot shake the feeling that something is off.

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