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5 best toolboxes for a car in a suitcase


In this article, we'll share the pros and cons of automotive tool kits to help car owners choose the best products. There is always a need for at least a minimal set, because there is no insurance against unforeseen breakdowns on the road in the city center, on the highway or in the yard of the house. Of course, people who have some knowledge and skills in the field of mechanics, electronics, as well as skills in basic repair manipulations, such as changing a wheel, should get a kit. For more references, check out: best mechanic tool set

You should buy a case containing heads, bits, screwdrivers, hexagons and other tools not only in cases of experience, but also so that in an unforeseen situation, strangers (passers-by, motorists) can help in this situation. This, of course, is not about the complete restoration of transport, but at least about providing the car with first aid, after which it will be able to drive to the nearest service.

When choosing the best set of tools for your machine, you should consider:

• the reputation of the manufacturer and the class of the tool it produces;
• price category based on the budget allocated for the purchase of a "suitcase";
• the quality of materials and metal, the duration of operation and efficiency, the comfort of the procedure depend on them;
• dimensions, which must be selected in accordance with the brand of the vehicle or the main category of service customers;
• the number of tools in the kit and their sufficiency for emergency or planned work.

Above, we considered the option when the purchase is carried out by an ordinary car enthusiast, but for a professional service technician such an acquisition is simply necessary, because not a single type of work can do without removing parts and unscrewing fasteners.

When choosing, it should be borne in mind that the minimum package contains: socket heads and a wrench, bits of different sizes, adapters necessary for changing heads, extension cords made of flexible and durable materials used in hard-to-reach places. In extended configurations, a box and open-end wrench, various types of wrenches, ratchets, etc. are added.

Rating of car tool kits

Below we will present several sets of the most popular brands in the automotive market,
presented in a variety of content, performance and price, types.

Universal tool set Hans 124 items. TK-124E


The manufacturer Hans is internationally recognized by professional users, since the materials used for the tools, as well as the method of their production (using the cold forging method), make them durable and long-term operation. The raw material for the manufacture of each piece is steel alloyed with chrome and vanadium, the surface is satin-finished.

The set given in the review has the most complete set, which is necessary in car services, where cars come for repairs with various parameters of assemblies and fasteners.

The case contains 124 elements compactly, including instruments of various diameters and sizes, in 19 varieties by name. Among them:

• standard and long end heads;
• extension cords and knob;
• cardan joints;
• quick release ratchets;
• screwdriver;
• toothed discs;
• keys and socket heads;
• bits;
• slotted;
• hexagons;
• E-Star heads;
• candle heads;
• bit holder;
• combined keys;
• angular wrenches for fasteners "internal hexagon";
• dodecahedrons.


• materials used in production, excellent in quality and strength parameters;
• attractive case with reliable fastening of each component from the set and the most compact placement;
• a wide range of varieties in each of the category presented;
• long service life, confirmed by both reviews and tests carried out at the development stage, as well as strict quality control during production.


Quite high cost in comparison with similar sets of less well-known and positively proven companies.

Feedback from our buyers:

Igor Valerievich, auto technician

Initially, I bought myself single copies back in 2004, and decided to check them in comparison with others. So, they are still faithful to me in integrity, so I bought a full set six months ago, because I work in my own car service and it's nice when everything is at hand, and even more so when you can not doubt the strength, but freely engage repair, using high-quality "devices".

How to choose hair cutting scissors at home?


How to choose hair cutting tools at home? The question is unexpectedly difficult. The Web is full of guides for professional hairdressers choosing a work tool for themselves. But they have different needs - and other rules for choosing scissors.

But how to choose a scissor for a young mother who shears her children herself? Or an independent man who is used to doing everything with his own hands - and now wants to choose a decent tool for a haircut?

The choice of scissors for self-cutting - the main rule

In principle, the basic rules for choosing scissors for amateur haircuts at home are quite similar to the rules for choosing scissors for novice hairdressers.

But this is important: there are similarities in the choice of scissors for a novice professional and for an amateur - but there are also differences.

What is the main difference that defines all the others?

• A novice professional will not always use scissors alone. When he begins to grow in mastery, he will have separate scissors for long and voluminous hair, separate for fine work, and so on.
• An amateur who buys a pair of scissors to cut at home usually buys a single pair of scissors. So these scissors should be universal.

Here is the difference. For a professional, fully universal scissors simply can not be. For an amateur - on the contrary, you need the most versatile model.

What kind of sharpening scissors to choose for a do-it-yourself haircut?

For beginners, this question sounds different - they have to figure out which sharpening is best for which element of the hairstyle. There are a lot of subtleties - and a lot depends on personal preferences. In the end, again, they will have to alternate the blades, choosing the one that is best suited to specific circumstances.


What to do to a person who is going to do his own haircut? There are two options.

• You may prefer simple straight blades sharpened at an angle of 30-40 degrees. So you are definitely not mistaken. Technically, with such scissors you can do anything you like - only not all of this will be ideally convenient to do. However, you do not have to open a hairdressing salon, right?

• And you can choose a more modern option - the so-called wavy blades. They are sawtooth. Sounds scary, right? But do not be scared - in fact it is just about a micro notch applied to the blade. Such small, barely noticeable cloves. Why is this needed? The fact is that such a notch prevents the hair from slipping off, making the haircut more even. These scissors are quite suitable for a classic haircut on a comb. Plus, such blades remain sharp much longer compared to classic sharpening blades.

The choice here is arbitrary. The second option is closer to professional. But the first is a win-win.

But the other curved, honed and convection blades - leave to the professionals.

What should be the scissor rings for haircuts at home?

There are two main types of scissors for the location of the rings:

• classic scissors - with the same length of handles and a symmetrical shape of the rings;

• ergonomic scissors - with a shortened handle under the thumb and curved features.

How to choose between them?

In fact, there can only be one selection criterion - specifically your convenience when working with these scissors. Those people who prefer to work with their thumbs and middle fingers are better off with the classic ring shape. Those who like to use the nameless instead of the middle one are ergonomic.

How to choose hair cutting scissors at home? The question is unexpectedly difficult. The Web is full of guides for professional hairdressers choosing a work tool for themselves. But they have different needs - and other rules for choosing scissors.

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