This wiki is dedicated to, Elthlead and Langrisser series of video games.

On this site you will find information that pertains to the lore that surrounds the Elthlead world and helpful information for playing the games such as character stats, equipment, cheat codes and more.

The Walls of Elthlead doesn't wish to supplant any other English Langrisser Website, specifically Langrisser.info, rather our desire is only for more English Langrisser resources. We fully expect Langrisser.info to remain the main English source. Think of the Walls of Elthlead merely as supplementary.

Users who use this website should also be aware that venturing on any page outside of the Guide sections will be met with spoilers. Nothing will be done to hide said spoilers so venture at your own risk.

Please note this site is at its infancy, although we are striving to add info on a regular basis and with the upcoming releases of Langrisser Mobile Global Release and Langrisser I and II's remake we may end up behind current events. Our primary goals are directed toward the Classic Series, Langrisser I-V and the Elthlead Trilogy. Then Langrisser RE:Incarnation, with the new games following.

If we ever get far enough we may perhaps add Millenium, but as that series had little connection in lore, it will remain on the back burner.

Naming Schemes

Names on this wiki will follow the Langrisser Mobile Game's Global Release for the Most Part unless otherwise below, in which case they will follow one of the establish Fan-Translations, which include Langrisser I PC, Langrisser II MD, Der Langrisser, Langrisser IV, or Langrisser III's translation by Akira Dawn.

For example, this wiki uses Elwin instead of the Der Langrisser's Translation of Erwin. It will, however, continue to use Böser instead of Bozel in part of because of the established fan-translations, use in Langrisser RE:Incarnation, and the connations of the word meaning More Evil.

Canon Policy

The Langrisser Series is known for its branching in Langrisser II and IV as well, its multiple endings for individual characters as well as for III-V a love point system for the chosen heroine. As such there are multiple options for the game.

This wiki in certain instances will make an assumption based on later entries and other material to make choices of canon. For example, while Der Langrisser has multiple paths, Langrisser II, which preceded it, showed a Light Path. Therefore the wiki will assume a Lightpath with some variant as the "canon" path for each entry in this wiki.

This wiki also chooses to give a canon pairing of Diehärte and Freya and Lewin and Tiaris based in part on the stories presented in Langrisser III. Entries will in as much as possible seek to include information from each path and ending, even as a "canonical one" is chosen.

We recognize that some of this will seem arbitrary, but hopefully, the reader can also recognize that they are free to disagree and our opinion, in the end, will not affect their enjoyment of the game's stories. Yet as noted previously, we are trying to help bridge connections in the series's lore and this we feel is a necessary part of that.

As such this wiki assumes as canonical

  • Light Path for Langrisser II
  • Extended Path for Langrisser III
  • Path C for Lanrisser IV
  • Canon Pairing of Diehärte and Freya
  • Canon Pairing of Lewin and Tiaris
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