The Walls of Elthlead

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This is a wiki about a fictitious kingdom known as Elthlead and the world surrounding it. Some sections of this wiki will be spoiler heavy so use caution by using the guides section if you want help without spoilers.

Goals of this wiki:

  • Create a wiki that provides information about the Video Game series concerning both Elthlead and Langrisser.
  • Research and analyze the series to explain any connections that may be vague and bring them to light.
  • Provide player with helpful tips, to help them succeed in completing the series.
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Welcome to this wiki!

This wiki is under development, we are continuing to add more content as well as updating existing content.

At this time the wiki is not open to the public to edit.

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Dispeller of Darkness, Might of Elthlead, The Holy Blade Langrisser.

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Chaos's Glory, Demons' Might, The Dark Blade Alhazard

Featured Article: characters:ledin

Prince of Baldea

  • The Protagonist of Langrisser I

Ledin is the prince of Baldea who is forced to leave his home when Dalsis invades his homeland.

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